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Living Room Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel & Decor

The parlor may be more formal than the family room, yet that doesn't mean it needs to feel cool and character free. It is the "living room", taking all things into account. The key is to go the extra mile when decorating the space, all with an eye toward sturdy style and refined comfort.

Furnished with our instructional activity on lounge chairs, a presentation on upgrading with shading, our tips on the most capable strategy to show workmanship and photographs, and best works on in regards to the matter of inside design, you'll have the ability to change your living space into a room that fondles set together and person.

Top Tips for Your Living Space

Three simple ways you can update your space.
  • Mix Patterns

    You may think combining different patterns is a recipe for a clashing disaster, but that’s not the case—as long as you do it right. Read Decorating Director Kevin Sharkey’s tips on how to mix patterns with aplomb here.
  • Use Color

    Many people are averse to decorating with strong colors in the living room for fear of the result being too garish. Here, learn how to add pops of color that are pretty, not scary.
  • Add Texture

    Decorating is all about layering—layering patterns, layering colors, and layering textures.

Displaying Art and Photographs

You’re not done decorating your living room until your walls are decorated.
  • 11 Ways to Display Your Photographs

    Transform your treasured photographs into decorative objects that are as modern as any you'd find in a design store.
  • Show Off Your Collections

    You've put a lot of effort into finding the perfect pieces for your home--from antique shows to county fairs. Here are some ways to show off your cherished finds.
  • Compose a Family Photo Wall

    Not sure what to do with your son's third grade drawing or that great picture from your family vacation? Create a family photo wall.
  • How to Hang Art on the Walls

    Martha and Anduin Havens show you the best ways to hang pictures and mirrors on your wall.

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